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Creating community


Tackling the Issue

Iowa Dance Festival, a celebration of DANCE in Iowa.

On the stage

On the street

On the screen


Since 2007 the Iowa Dance Festival has been promoting Iowa dance to Iowa audiences and connecting dancers across the State.


The festival has been expanding to incorporate other art forms such as screendance, live music, visual arts and the written word as well as bringing nationally recognized dancers to teach and perform. This inclusion of many art forms and styles represents aesthetic diversity, and encourages collaboration between multicultural, interdisciplinary artistic endeavors enriching the vitality and quality of art created in Iowa.

Since 2014 the Iowa Dance Festival has been recognized by the UNESCO’s International Dance Council, bringing Iowa to the International Dance Map.

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Making a Difference

The Iowa International ScreenDance Festival, presented at FilmScene, is founded and directed by Associate Professor Eloy Barragán of the University of Iowa Department of Dance, with co-director Nora Garda. It started in 2016 as part of the 10th annual Iowa Dance Festival, celebrating International Dance Day and National Dance Week in Iowa.


Celebrating a genre of dance made exclusively for the camera, ScreenDance spotlights films that use dance and movement as the central theme of the story. For the past 3 years the Iowa International ScreenDance Festival has presented a curated program of short films, selected from over 100 entries from 25 different countries.

                         Photo by Eloy Barragan

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Doing What’s Needed

In collaboration with Infinity Dance, InterDance has been co-producing The Iowa City DANCE MASH-UP.

Showcasing Iowa teachers teaching in the community in as many different dance styles as you can imagine, the Dance Mash-Up creates community by providing an opportunity for dancers to do what they do best, dance, followed by a social hour of beverages, snacks and conversation.

See what the Iowa City Dance Community has to offer. Each instructor teaches for 15 min. creating a two hour, fun, variety-filled workshop.

This event is held bimonthly and goes on social media 2 weeks before happening. Stay tuned!

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Doing What’s Needed

In an effort to showcase local dancers and keep the dance community connected throughout the year InterDance has been producing "Nora's House of Dance" at PATV. Including interviews to dancers and choreographers as well as small dance pieces performed in the studio, dance is addressed in a fun and informal way, like in a living room conversation. It is an effective way for dance to expand its audience scope.

Public Access Television, Inc. (PATV) is a resource dedicated to diversity in community communication. PATV provides opportunities for local citizens to make use of current technology to exchange information and ideas and to participate in the democratic process. PATV promotes media literacy through training in media production and critical viewing.

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Making a Difference

By creating and presenting dance in public spaces, InterDance brings public spaces to life. It brings dance and dancers to the community: Public Libraries, Art Galleries, Ped Malls, Coffee Shops, Senior & Youth Centers, offering workshops, performances and social gatherings.

Performers, choreographers and companies share venues to present their works, interact, create and collaborate.

Audiences share the beauty and joy of dance performances while learning to appreciate the many faces and cultures that are so important in the makeup of Iowa, at no cost.

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